Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Are you still friends with your ex?

Do you still talk to any of your exes? Is your significant other friends with his/her ex? How do you feel about it?

Thanks :)Are you still friends with your ex?
I talk to just about all my Xs, they are wonderful men. my husband talks to a few of his as well. I feel fine about it so does he, i was never one for burning bridges behind me. and very secure in myself that my hubby talking to Xs doesn't bother me. For you maybe you could look into a possibility of going back and trying to become friends with them if your OK with it.Are you still friends with your ex?
Yes I am still friends with a couple of them. I think you can be freinds as long as it's been enough time that there aren't any feelings left and you didn't end on bad terms. I'm friends with them because thats how we started, friends! You just have to be careful and make sure BOTH people understand what kind of relationship you have now.
an informative one
yup i still talk to my exes. We all just handle it in the mature way. We all still hang out and talk. Nuthing bad about it
Yes I'm still friends with all of my exes.

Well, one of them is kinda annoying the crap outta me but I guess you could say we're still friends.

I like it better being friends because then I don't have to have any enemies :D
There isn't one ex I have that I don't talk to on a daily basis.
No I am no longer acquainted with any ex's, neither is my significant other.

It is difficult to maintain a friendly relationship with someone you've been closely involved with while trying to maintain a close relationship with someone else.

Ex's may stir up old feelings which really are not there and could inspire jealousy or even infidelity.

It's better to amiably part ways and move on.
nope, she doesn't deserve as a friend and lost that privilege
I have faith in you
i only have one ex, and i don't talk to him because he was an assh0le!!

Cos for me, I break up only when I'm utterly disappointed with the guy, and even too disappointing to be a friend.

My fiance is not talking to his ex too. Not on purpose but he's lost contact with them.
um yes?
I'm still friends with 80% of my exes, there's really no reason not to be. My boyfriend isnt friends with his exes though, well hes friends with one, but the others magically moved away though we run into them every now and then and they act like they dont see him/they're different people LOL.
I still talk with mine...she's a lesbian, that's why we broke up.

my last 1 we still talk but not as much :(

my last last ex well... we never talked again :(

i wish that we could talk cause we were really good friends but our relationship fell down hill after that

wish you good things in life

i broke with him cuz he was a complete a$$

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